“We have been lied to and defrauded out of our money.”

The following was submitted by Chaundell & Chad Cook:


Our home was in default in the spring of 1998. I was contacted by a loan officer from First Equity Federal who referred me to Loren Miller.  I was told he was a financial advisor and would help me save my home from foreclosure. Upon advice from the representative of First Equity Federal, I contacted Loren by phone at (801) 430-1630 and 4301629. Loren assure me he could save our home AND would make our business profitable.

Our first appointment was May 4, 1998 at our business address: 3418 South 300 West, SLC, Utah. We agreed to pay Loren $1000. (copies of cashier’s checks enclosed) for the following services:

1. He assured us he could save our home from foreclosure.

2. He would help our business become more profitable and pomised to spend at least 1 day each week to analyze our problems and needs, and advise us how to execute his advice.

He gave us a copy of his resume and proceeded to tell us about how he owned a major consulting firm in Arizona and that he had helped several companies worth millions with their financial problems. Our business would be a “piece of cake”. We followed his advice to the letter! At great expense we created flyers that were sent out and contacted the associate businesses as agreed. After taking our money, he never even showed up once.

At this point in time, Loren had taken our money; promised services and we received NOTHING in return for the money spent. Although I  contacted Loren and his attorney, Dave Maddox by phone, at least once a day at first, then weekly, we have received NO money. Loren continued to promise a complete refund at first, however after awhile wouldn’t even return my phone calls.

We have been lied to and defrauded out of our money. It is my understanding we were not the only ones this happened to. Delbert Lloyd, a criminal investigator for the Sevier County Sheriff had a long list of victims. Won’t somebody do something to get this con-man off the street? How many people have to lose their home, money, and other personal things? We do not have a college education and may not be very smart, but we are hard working honest tax payers struggling to make a living. We nearly lost our home and business because of this liar. Won’t somebody DO something?

Chaundell Cook
Chad Cook

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