Update: Loren Miller now using alias, “Gene Miller”

According to several sources, Loren and his wife Floy moved left Lexington, SC around the end of Jan.

According to another source, Floy moved to Summerville, South Carolina to live with someone while she tried to find a job.

Gene Miller / Loren Miller’s current (May 2010) whereabouts are unknown.

He reportedly told his former LDS bishop (Miller claims to be an “active Mormon”) that he and wife Floy had split up and he was moving back to Indiana; this seems unlikely, and is thought by our observers to be a cover story “to cover his trail and make it cold.”

The observer concludes, “He’ll pop up again somewhere. Hopefully this website will alert any new possible victims.”

Loren Miller is reportedly using a portion of his middle name, Loren Eugene Miller, and is now going by Gene Miller.

His current former base of operations is now was said to be: [redacted], Lexington, South Carolina.  He is was reportedly working the Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA areas.

We have received email recently which allege the following:

“Instead of conning 2 or 3 people out of thousands of dollars, Loren cheats 200 out of $50 each…   Loren or GENE claims to be an avid horseman and good rider…  Two people [a person in his current area] knows of have ‘died’ because Loren has talked them into suspending their doctor ordered medications and buying his ‘health food products’ to replace it.
“Loren’s sidekick and partner in health scam is a Mary O’Farrell. Their new venture is called: satisfy the cell.  Mary supposedly has a business called “House of Healthy Living” wherein she sells all Loren’s products. Loren peddles lots of water purifying and air purifying machines sometimes selling them for 3-4 times their retail value.  Some of these machines have been purchased and are currently owned by someone else.  Loren ‘borrows’ them and resells them to a new mark.  He also peddles immunocal/immunotec and now juice plus. His specialty though is multi-level-marketing schemes. He ‘steals’ small amounts of money from LOTS of people rather than large amounts of money from a few people. This is done thru obtaining credit card numbers and ordering extra products that are unauthorized.  If or when confronted he states, ‘It was an honest mistake, but the spirit told me you needed that product.’  These amounts are usually about $50-$150. When the police are contacted they pass it off as civil not criminal. Loren continues to skate under the radar.”

We are working to confirm these reports and learn more about Loren “Gene” Miller’s current location and operations.

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