New Update on “Gene” Miller

J.M. contacted us with the following report of their experiences dealing with Loren “Gene” Miller, which coincides with other recent reports we’ve received at

According to this, and similar reports, Miller contacts the ill and elderly, claims to be “a miracle worker,” asks for money (or other valuables) “up front,” and then simply keeps it.

It appears he is claiming to be Amish, Mormon, Mennonite, or a member of other religions, yet according to several reports, tries to sleep with his “patients” as well, if he can.

Miller appears to still be operating in Ohio, Indiana, and other nearby locations.

Here is J.M.’s report, in their own words:

“Gene Miller conned me out of $4,000…

“He told me he had a clinic. He texted me and called constantly. He said his wife was a nutritionist. He lied about so much.

“He even showed up at my house insisting I come to Indiana and stay in some RV he had. I declined. He stayed over night at my home because it was so late, and then wanted to charge me for the time.

“I realized there was no clinic, and wanted my money returned. He refused and lied saying he had spent it on a mobile home for me and had paid help ahead. It was ludicrous.

“He then had an attorney threaten me with intimidating letters.

“Gene Miller is a con man and should be in jail.

This is the website he used when he lured me in by pretending to be Amish and have a clinic. He portrayed himself as a holy man who was a trained health expert.

“I have [a serious illness] and am very ill. I’m in Ohio and he is a good conman. He wanted money upfront for his services. He even had someone contact me telling what a “miracle” worker he was.

“I was so desperate I gave him $4,000. I realized he was not to be trusted and tried to get my money back. He kept it as I’m sure he has many times. How can this vile man not be in jail?”

If you are contacted by Loren Eugene “Gene” Miller, or know someone who has, immediately contact local law enforcement and/or the FBI.

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