“Miller had a successful ponzi scheme… he just migrates to another part of the country and starts working his scams all over again.”

The following was submitted by Richard Newton:

I was a mortgage broker in the 1990’s in Salt Lake City when I met Loren Miller.  Unbeknown to me Loren had just swindled Sandy Caruso out of a prime property in Harriman, Salt Lake County, Utah.

When Miller contacted me he said that he needed a loan and had the property free and clear.  Everything seemed to check out and so I made the loan.  Miller made payments but the funds came from others that he was in the process of swindling.

Miller had a successful ponzi scheme going here in Northern Utah, for at least a while.

When the law started to close in on him he moved his operation to Central Utah, Richfield.  Miller claimed that he had found a perfect property on which to build a small trailer park.  I financed the purchase of the land but it turned out that Miller had no intention in building a trailer park he just wanted to use it to scam me and others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I suppose that I was fortunate in that I was somewhat more sophisticated than most of Miller’s victims.  I’ve heard court testimony from an elderly couple that he swindled out of their life’s savings and they wound up with nothing to show for it.

The problem with the legal system is that it punishes ‘white color crime’ very lightly.  Miller should never have been allowed to get out of jail since my understanding is that he’s been incarcerated on several occasions and upon release he just migrates to another part of the country and starts working his scams all over again.

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