“I request that an investigation be conducted on Mr. Miller”

The following was submitted by Michael Hurdsman:

The following is a summation of the events and transactions that myself and my son have had in dealing with Mr. Loren Miller.

We had purchase a small twenty unit mobile home park in Huntington, Utah in the spring of 1997. The park was in the process of being shut down prior to our purchasing it and had many vacant spaces. My wife and I had talked about the possibility of purchasing some used mobile homes and renting them out to help make the payment on the park.

Our son, Kevin had also wanted to do the same.

In April of 1997, in response to an ad in one of the area want ads, Kevin contacted Mr. Loren Miller in Richfield. He was living in a small trailer park located in the Northeast end of tow. Miller had several trailers at this location. Kevin tentatively made a deal on one of the units. Kevin and myself visited the park on a couple of occasions looking at trailers. Mr. Miller said that he had several more in Salt Lake that he was working with the large mobile home parks in moving units out for them. These units were coming available soon and we could work with him in getting these units if they met our needs

On or about the 22nd of May 1997, Kevin and myself met with Loren Miller in Salt Lake City at the Carefree dealership on Redwood Road and 3100 South. Here we looked at some trailers that were in storage there. We purchase three of the units and made a tentative deal on two other.

Through the next 6 weeks we looked at other units in the mobile home parks in southwest Salt Lake City. Loren called on the phone to my home in Huntington and offered a couple of other homes. The units were located in Marysvale, in the RV park and at the “Ranch property”. In all 8 units were purchase and delivered. Two of the units were resold to other individuals.

My son and myself received four “Bill of Sales” from Mr. Miller. The paper work for the applications were filled out and he was supposed to be filing for the title transfers. After months of trying to get these titles from Mr. Miller he called and told me that a Sandy Caruso was working on them and had almost all of them ready. They were ‘forth coming’ and Sandy was the hold up. Several trips to Marysvale and meetings with Mr. Miller still did not produce the titles.

On my last trip to Marysvale, I met with Sandy Caruso and much to my dismay, she had no knowledge of the trailers sales, the titles or any of the other LIES Mr. Miller had told to me. She indicated Miller was a con man and had probably “leveraged” or borrowed money against my trailer titles and that is why Mr. Miller could not produce them.

Sandy vowed to help me and she followed through. In the end I was able to get duplicate titles to my trailers after producing receipts for the $30,000 I had paid  to Mr. Miller.

One unit was delivered to Moab, Utah. This unit my mother purchased for my sister who had separated from her husband. We paid Miller $4500 up front under a time contract for the rest. It took four months to get this unit delivered and with great personal suffering for all involved.

In checking with Care Free Mobile Home dealer their records showed that Loren Miller picked up all the titles from them on 14th of October 1997. It is my belief  Loren Miller used my trailer titles to obtain loans or other financing and that is why he could not produce the missing titles. I request that an investigation be conducted on Mr. Miller and the missing titles.


Michael K Hurdsman

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