“I finally discovered his dishonesty”

The following was submitted by Quin Denning:

My name is Quin Denning, I am a general contractor/homebuilder, and my companies were called American Country Homes and Denning Construction. I met Loren Miller in April of 1992; he was introduced to me as an individual who could help me with my business. He came in to work with us and became our office manager/bookkeeper and also took over sales. We had a subdivision consisting of fifty lots that we were selling build jobs on. We were offering a custom design service with our homebuilding. I was designing and managing our subcontractors and my partner, Gary Hatch was running our jobsite crews. Loren started helping with the initial designs and took over the job of collecting the deposits and writing the design/sales contracts. Within about six months after Loren started with us we had six homes under construction in our subdivision and four more around town. We had about twenty design contracts, with about forty more in the pipeline, equaling about twenty million in gross sales. By the end of the year we should have had ten more homes under construction. Instead, Loren began giving excuses as to why we were not converting our design contracts to sales contacts. Our material costs were much higher per house than they should have been and I began to question Loren. He blamed it on theft and jobsite mismanagement.

Loren was borrowing money from our company to help Sandy Caruso, telling us she would have it back to us shortly. We later found out at the same time he was borrowing money from Sandy Caruso in our behalf, telling her we would have it back soon.

Loren, borrowed money from one of my brothers and promised to pay him back in thirty days. He never paid him one dime. Loren also asked for the title to our vehicles and then borrowed against them and kept the money. He also purchased some horses and paid for some of them out of our company, telling us they were an investment. We paid for the care and upkeep of around seventeen horses. Soon, Loren took all of them, with no return on our investment. He even took the horse we had promised to my children and wife while we were out of town.

By a stroke of luck, I finally discovered his dishonesty. I went into my bank to check on a new construction loan, and my banker said he had misplaced my financials and asked if I could bring in another copy of them. I asked Loren for another copy of them and went in the next day. When I walked in my banker said he had found them in another file and as he handed them to me said “these are yours aren’t they.” I had both sets of financials in my hands. As I glanced at both copies, I noticed none of the numbers matched. I told my banker I had found a problem and would return with the corrected financials. I went immediately to Loren and asked him about my financials, he took both copies to look at, and said “there must be a computer error, I will fix these and have them back tomorrow”. I let him take the copies. This was a big mistake.

A couple days later, I spoke to my appliance supplier. He was just returning from delivering a refrigerator for our company. He was curious why we had ordered it for a single ladies home, when we were doing new construction. I was surprised, and did not know about the delivery. I asked Loren about this, and he said it must be a mistake. I later found he had taken money she had received as a settlement from an accident, and never paid her back.

Within two days all of my customers were calling me wanting to know why I was not being honest with Loren and them. Loren had gone to all of our customers and told them he was leaving because I was dishonest; he then gave them all free extras for their homes, not included in the budget. All our construction material accounts were charged to the upper limits with at least two times more materials than our homes under construction should have used or needed.

I was so busy trying to care for the customers and maintain my integrity that Loren walked away without being held accountable. He had all the books and records. We owed over one hundred thousand dollars above the money budgeted for our home sales, due immediately. And I had a lot of very angry people who told me they had paid money to Loren and signed design contracts with my company, but had never received anything.

I spent the next three years digging out of this hole and paying everyone off. I hired a retired forensic secretary to help me with my books. She found over three hundred thousand dollars in cash that disappeared and over one hundred thousand dollars in materials that had been delivered to unknown addresses. (Writing on the delivery tickets, said to call the office for delivery directions; Loren always answered the phone.) We did not find Loren’s name on anything that could help us to go after him.

About ten years later, Sandy Caruso found evidence of a business account at another bank under our business name, with Loren Miller as the account holder.

Loren continually would flirt with my wife, and would try to see her when I was not around. He even tried to talk her into leaving me. She did not like him at all, and made every attempt to stay away from him.

One of our clients, Loren worked with on a preliminary design and we built a home for, ended up leaving her husband over Loren. Her husband, John Drociak, called me; he told me he was devastated, Loren had stolen his wife.

We have heard of Loren getting money from many other people, he seems to target single women with money.

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  1. When I visited Loren “Gene” Miller’s website I about laughed myself silly. His comment, ” I grew up in Agro Business and I have been in Animal and Human Nutritional Research Since 1998. ”

    Hey people do you want to know where Loren Miller was in 1998? He was convicted on FELONY charges of ‘communications fraud’ and had a pending case of ‘securities and exchange fraud’.
    Here is the record.
    Case No. 981600082FS
    20 October 1998: Guilty to three offenses of Communications Fraud. 3 Third Degree Felonies.
    Case No. 991904259
    28 April 1999: Guilty to one offense of Securities Fraud. 3rd Degree Felony.

    His own family booted him out because of theft. He has 6 FELONIES…count them again, that is 6 felony convictions. Does that sound like a person you want to do business with?

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