“I came out better than most… seen several people die whom he had swindled.”

I met Loren in the early 2000’s through an elderly lady, Nora [redacted] in[redacted] Indiana.  Nora was attempting to set up a home business promoting nutritional products.  She was so impressed with the products and the presentation of the value of these products given by Loren.  She wanted to earn income so that she could help ministries and other people who were struggling financially and with their health issues.

I was working two jobs and had some health issues.  I was a believer in using alternative products to taking drugs, because I had improved with products that I had researched on my own.  I am a medical technologist and relied on my medical background to sort out the fake from the real.  Many things that Loren said about food products, nutrition, supplements coincided with what I had learned from my own studies and when I started using some supplements and followed his suggested eating program, I began to feel really good.  The product Immunocal completely turned my life around. I had taken antibiotics back to back for over tweny years for sinus infections. After two weeks on this product, I stopped having sinus infections.  I continue to use the product to keep my immunity built up.

Although I firmly believed in the value of many products, I never totally trusted Loren with regard to how he obtained his information.  He talked about scientific studies with all these big important researchers.  He was nobody as far as having any credentials or name in scientific community.  I knew what was really involved in true scientific studies.

When I would try to get certain answers, he skated around the issues.  As time went on I began to see him swindle money from Nora by having her to spend money on products that were clearly not necessary, perform secretarial jobs for him that he never paid her for and left her owing a bill on a computer system that he promised her he would pay for.

After promising to help us to set up our business, he just up and left the state without any explanation.   Later he turned up with another scheme hoping to suck us in, but we no longer trusted or believed him.

I came out better than most.  I lost about 400 dollars in products that I couldn’t use.  I did not have any more money to spend, so I dropped everything except Immunotec.

Several years later Nora divulged that she has started to distrust him about two years before he disappeared, but did not want to believe that she had been duped.  She had seen several people die whom he had swindled out of money on unnecessary products.  She went so much into credit card debt that she finally had to sell her property far below it’s market value to pay off her creditors and go into a small apartment.  It ruined her good credit.

We had chalked it up to a bad experience and knew we would be more cautious in the future.  We loved many of the products and did not fault any of the companies.  It was just about 5 years ago that we learned that he had a prison record from [redacted].   It was surprising that he had had convictions, but the things he was doing after his disappearance were criminal.

I wanted to expose him to Immunotec, because he was making an inferior substitute product of their Immunocal, the product that had helped me so tremendously, and selling it.  Yet he was still benefiting from the sales of downlines who still used Immunotec products.  I’m sure if Immunotec has not disqualified him, that he gets a cut when I purchase my product.

There were many in Indiana whom I’m sure lost money by being involved with him. I hope that he is stopped completely before he has opportunity to steal from others, especially the ill and elderly.  He really is a smooth communicator and appears to be so credible.

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