“I am but an old woman…”

The following statement was read at the sentencing hearing for Loren Miller on October 21, 2002. Miller was subsequently given the maximum sentence of 12 months in prison because his attorney, Greg Skordas, was able to plead down the original charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Thank you Your Honor for this special privilege to speak to the court regarding this case and our feelings as to the sentencing of the defendant Loren Miller.

At first we had mixed emotions in this case as we are not revengeful people. We are very forgiving. However, the crimes committed by Mr. Miller although on the surface seem non-violent and insignificant are quite the contrary.

There is an old saying, “If you see one RAT in your house that means there are at least 25 more that are NOT seen.” So it is with Mr. Miller…..this case before you, OUR case represents only one victim. There are hundreds of other victims that are not represented here today. Based on documents I have seen I know this to be true.

One such case involved a mother of African-American descent and her nine year old son. Disabled and unable to work she receives a small monthly pension of $600. After acquiring $12,000 from the sale of her home, Mr. Miller approached her about investing her money in his mobile home refurbishing business. A job was promised as well as a mobile home.

Months passed, more promises were made and broken. Another victim was created and the money squandered by Mr. Miller and his wife.

$4500 of this mother’s money was used to pay other victims Chris and Courtney Justice of Cedar City to avoid criminal charges. The balance of $7500 was used to purchase a 1973 Ford pickup from Fred Madsen of St George, and pay the Miller’s bank overdrafts. There was NO mobile home business, only a mirage of fraudulent paperwork, phoney business addresses and empty promises.

Desperate calls were made but went unanswered by Mr. Miller. Soon this mother and her young son were on the street living in her car with all their personal possessions in a storage trailer. Although she tried to convince the local law enforcement agency about the fraud, the evidence was sketchy and the paperwork skillfully worded. She was admonished to seek the advice of an attorney and file a civil lawsuit. With no money to do so this mother and her son are currently living in an old travel trailer in south central Utah.

In Ogden another mother with four young children were defrauded when Mr. Miller solicited his service to help with refinancing her home. Since there was substantial equity in the home this should have been a piece of cake. Instead Mr. Miller conspired with a local mortgage company promising financing right up to three days prior to the Trustee’s Sale. The mortgage company purchased the home at sale and sold it to Mr. Miller the same day with a pre-approved IN-HOUSE mortgage in place. To add insult to injury, this home was used as collateral for Mr. Miller’s bail when he was charged and convicted of fraud in Sevier County in 1998.

This mother and her four children continue to be supported by the Utah taxpayers.

These cases represent only two of several single women and their children who have been put on the street by Mr. Miller. These cases are extremely difficult to prove, and therefore even more difficult to prosecute. Nevertheless they are just as serious and perhaps more devastating than rape or burglary. Can you imagine anything more traumatic than losing one’s home?

How does Mr. Miller accomplish this? He uses the Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter-day Saints] and the names of prophets, apostles, and other church leaders to set up his victims. Sometimes missionaries are called by Mr. Miller to teach gospel lessons to inactive or non-members who are his targets. Testimony is borne of tender feelings of the heart and Mr. Miller speaks of his MISSION as one who is here to help the poor, the down trodden, and the uneducated. He promises programs and businesses to teach all how to become self-reliant and out of debt. He vows selfless sacrifice to help but in reality it is only his ploy to rob and plunder.

He has created a multitude of business entities, multi-level-marketing schemes with phoney or non-existent addresses to appear legitimate. He speaks of owning a successful consulting firm in Arizona that he left behind to come to Utah to fulfill his MISSION. In reality the only things he left in Arizona are a wife and five children, $70,000 in back child support, and MORE victims. He lives a lie.

Upon being charged regarding our case Mr. Miller arrogantly remarked to the officer, “I don’t even recall doing business with the Tidwells.” His calloused attitude towards his victims is indicative of his lack of remorse, repentance, and regret. Mr. Miller show NO remorse, and makes NO apologies for his reprehensible actions.

As evidenced by his past felony convictions Mr. Miller’s crime spree has continue for more than two decades. Instead of becoming a better person, he just gets better at the crime and better at hiding the evidence. Over the past several years Mr. Miller has held NO job yet thousands of dollars flow through his bank accounts. How is this accomplished? He creates new victims and make his money with NEW fraudulent schemes. He uses the money from new victims to pay the restitution and attorney fees for past victims. He calls this,” rolling on cash flow!” I shudder to think who may be homeless in Indianapolis, Indiana at this time so Mr. Miller could pay his attorney and the $8,000 restitution in the our case.

Your Honor, I am but an old woman. My husband turned 91 yesterday and we are in our twilight years. Mr. Miller and his wife lived in 3 bedroom 2 bath penthouse apartment complete with a doorman and secured entry. We are forced to live with our children because Mr. Miller stole our home.

To put this case in perspective, Mr. Miller has shown NO REPENTANCE, NO REMORSE, NO REGARD, and NO RESPECT for his victims. RESTITUTION is only partial and forced to avoid a felony.

Mr. Miller is in DENIAL of wrong DOING, he has DISDAIN and DISREGARD for his HOMELESS victims, he has DESTROYED families, and he exhibits total DISRESPECT for our laws. He has even DESERTED his own children. Doesn’t he DESERVE the maximum penalty?

I repeat: He hasn’t become a better person, only better at the crime and better at hiding the evidence!


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