“Every time he opens his mouth he was lying.”

To Whom It May Concern,

My name isn’t important but my story is.  As I tell my story it will be obvious why I do not want to disclose my identity.  However, my story is true and it needs to be shared with everyone.

My husband and I met Loren in the Richfield [Utah] area several years ago.  He had purchased a trailer park and had hired my husband to help with moving old trailers out and refurbishing new ones to be sold.  It sounded like a really good idea because Loren indicated there were so many people looking for cheap housing.

Loren said he had owned a big financial consulting firm in Arizona and had come to Utah with several hundred thousand dollars.  After he had “given” most of his money away because [LDS] bishops had asked him to help he was using the last of his money for this trailer park and mobile home business.

Right away Loren started trying to convince us how important our diet was.  He sold us some health food product from a man by the name of Bud Keith form California which was really good and helped us so much.  Loren said he helped Bud establish his business and set up his test labs.  This product really helped my husband with his health issues.

Loren also told us he set up his own family in the poultry raising and processing business Pine Manor in Goshen, Indiana but left because the family started using hormones and steroids to grow bigger chickens.

All of a sudden we couldn’t get the health food product anymore.  Loren made some excuses he had better stuff and when we tried it, it didn’t work.  Later we found out Loren had stiffed Bud Keith and that was why he no longer could sell us product. He couldn’t buy it from Bud any longer.

In the meantime, Loren had charged carpet and several appliances form Ogdens Carpet, fencing from a rancch store called the Tack Shack, a welder and trencher form 5 Star Rentals and numerous other items.  I know this because I was working in the “office” when people from these businesses started showing up and wanting their money.  Also the local Texaco station had lots of bounced checks Loren and his two wives Polly and Floy had written.

About this time we met Richard Newton and found out it was Richard who had loaned the money to Loren for this park.   This money had come from a piece of property in Herriman, Utah.  That property was used as collateral.

With all this happening my husband was still stryggling with his “manly” health and the health product, mainly the invigoral oil from Bud Keith was the only thing that had really helped.  And now we couldn’t get it.  The pressure was mounting on our marriage and was exacerbated by Loren telling me over and over I ought to leave my husband because he was in denial and not attending to my needs as a woman.  I didn’t want to hear but Loren was our bodd and I was scared if I said something my husband and I would lose our jobs.

One day as Loren met with me in the office trailer he again started talking about my husband incapabilities as a husband.  Then all of a sudden Loren dropped his pants and exposed himself and said, “Now this is what a real man is supposed to look like.”  I was shocked.  I never returned to work and told my husband what had happened.

We called Richard Newton and told him Loren was squandering his money and that when Richard told us he had just found out Loren had swindled a Sandi Carousso out her 8 acres and a house in Herriman.  That was the property that was used as collateral for Loren’s loans.

Soon after we moved back to St. George but not before we saw Loren’s name in the RIchfield paper that he had been arrested for fraud.  We are so glad to see this website to expose this sick man.  Every time he opens his mouth he was lying.  But we were glad to find out about the health food product and continue to use it.  The real name is Perfect Foods and we foudn out Loren NEVER set up labs or anything like that.  It was all nonsense.  We called and talked to Loren’s brother Galen at the Pine Manor plant it was all a lie.  We also found out Loren’s claim to have worked with a Jewish Rabbi is bogus too.

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  1. i almost got big time scammed and then found your site. He is shrewed and a liar. keep up the the info flow. many thanks.

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