New Update on “Gene” Miller

J.M. contacted us with the following report of their experiences dealing with Loren “Gene” Miller, which coincides with other recent reports we’ve received at

According to this, and similar reports, Miller contacts the ill and elderly, claims to be “a miracle worker,” asks for money (or other valuables) “up front,” and then simply keeps it.

It appears he is claiming to be Amish, Mormon, Mennonite, or a member of other religions, yet according to several reports, tries to sleep with his “patients” as well, if he can.

Miller appears to still be operating in Ohio, Indiana, and other nearby locations.

Here is J.M.’s report, in their own words:

“Gene Miller conned me out of $4,000…

“He told me he had a clinic. He texted me and called constantly. He said his wife was a nutritionist. He lied about so much.

“He even showed up at my house insisting I come to Indiana and stay in some RV he had. I declined. He stayed over night at my home because it was so late, and then wanted to charge me for the time.

“I realized there was no clinic, and wanted my money returned. He refused and lied saying he had spent it on a mobile home for me and had paid help ahead. It was ludicrous.

“He then had an attorney threaten me with intimidating letters.

“Gene Miller is a con man and should be in jail.

This is the website he used when he lured me in by pretending to be Amish and have a clinic. He portrayed himself as a holy man who was a trained health expert.

“I have [a serious illness] and am very ill. I’m in Ohio and he is a good conman. He wanted money upfront for his services. He even had someone contact me telling what a “miracle” worker he was.

“I was so desperate I gave him $4,000. I realized he was not to be trusted and tried to get my money back. He kept it as I’m sure he has many times. How can this vile man not be in jail?”

If you are contacted by Loren Eugene “Gene” Miller, or know someone who has, immediately contact local law enforcement and/or the FBI.

Update on “Gene” Miller

Private reports have come in which report that Loren Miller is now operating as “Gene” Miller, has dyed his hair red, and is living in a trailer park in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana.

It has been reported from several sources that he is targeting those affiliated with the Amish community. Some believe this is an attempt to avoid potential victims coming across this website.

Those in the area are advised to warn their friends and neighbors.

UPDATE (Nov. 29, 2015): It was reported that Loren “Gene” Miller is now operating a website located here.

UPDATE (Nov. 17, 2012): It was reported Loren “GENE” Miller was recently married to his live-in girlfriend Mary Jean O’Farrell. Reportedly, Miller lives in the Oakwood trailer park in Washington, Indiana while his new wife Mary lives in Kentucky. She supposedly cleans houses there for income. It was also reported she has a health business named, “Mary O’Farrell’s House of Healthy Living.” Miller travels back and forth from Washington, Indiana to Lexington, Kentucky to see his wife. Another person of interest who claimed she is a business associate of Loren GENE Miller is Mary Losh. She is a Registered Nurse with a considerable resume. She indicated that she too lives in the same trailer park as Loren in Washington, Indiana. Thank You for all the information. Keep it coming and hopefully we can help would-be victims of this convicted con-man.

Loren Miller arrested in Indiana

Loren Eugene Miller was arrested on October 30 in Indiana.

The investigating officer, Brian Bischoff, of the Brookville Indiana Police Department, believes he has a solid case against Miller, and is seeking to prosecute Miller to the fullest extent of the law. Indiana has repeat offender statutes, which target life-long con-men, such as Miller is alleged to be.

Numerous media sources are reporting on the arrest, and citizens and law enforcement authorities with information about Miller’s alleged illegal activities are encouraged to contact Officer Bischoff at 765-647-4178. For example, the Batesville Herald-Tribune reported on Miller’s method of operations, saying:

An arrest warrant dated Oct. 25 has been issued for Loren Miller, 67, Brookville, and a theft charge has been filed against him in Franklin Circuit Court, said Brookville Police Department Patrolman Brian Bischoff, the investigating officer. “I’ve had three complaints, but he’s only gotten one person for money” in this area, Bischoff said.

“Miller’s main mode of defrauding people out of money is to talk them into buying legitimate vitamins and workout supplements,” such as ASEA, Immunocal and vitamins from a company called Genelink Inc. The suspect will obtain the victim’s credit card number, order the product and have the products shipped to the victim’s place of business or residence.

“Once the victim has the products, Miller tells them he will sell the products for them. Miller will then sell the products and the victim will never see any money from the products that were sold.” Miller’s accomplice in the fraud schemes allegedly is Mary O’Farrell, Brookville, who claims to be a nutritionist, the officer said.

“She will sit down with a potential client, fill out a nutritional plan along with Miller’s supplements, have the potential client pay for a certain time period of consulting and never receive the nutritional plan. She also sells air purifiers, which she will place in a victim’s place of business, have them pay for it, come back and tell the victim she needs to take the air purifier to show another client and never bring it back.”

Bischoff added, “Mr. Miller is very smooth. He speaks about being a religious man and a man of God. He is very good at playing on a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Miller has obviously been doing this for a long time – he knows what he is doing.”

The patrolman noted, “Since Mr. Miller’s last criminal conviction was in 2002, I am sure there are (more) victims of his fraudulent activity.”

Bischoff describes Miller as a white male with blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is about 5 feet, 8 inches, tall and weighs about 178 pounds. Anyone who has had contact with Miller or knows anyone who has should contact Bischoff at 765-647-4178.

Miller had been arrested previously in Sevier County, Utah in 2002. Since his release, Miller is alleged to have been traveling the country, predominantly preying upon LDS people with health problems.