Biography of Loren Miller

Below is a partial biography of Loren Miller.

Name: Loren Eugene Miller (Note: May have used aliases.  May have claimed to not be *that* Loren Miller.)

Born: November 1, 1942, Goshen, Indiana (Note: May have claimed to have other birth dates.)

Gender: Male

Complexion: Fair

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Eyes: Hazel; Wears glasses.

Hair: Gray (Brown)

Weight: 185 pounds

Known associates: Floy Miller, wife.  May have/had other wives.


– Served at least 1 year in Davis County Jail for fraud-related offenses.

– Self-employed.  (Has claimed responsibility for International Study Centre, IQL Group, other business names and dba).

– Claims to be member of LDS church.  Known to have been excommunicated from LDS church previously.  Current status unknown.

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