This Web site was created by an organization dedicated to preventing criminality, and to encourage criminals to turn over a new leaf.

A note to the person(s) this Web site is about: Stop deluding yourself.  You are not the victim here; the people listed on these pages are the victims — your victims.  The time to pursue a legitimate way of life is now.

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  1. Gene Miller conned me out of $4,000 in the spring of 2015. I reported him to the state of Ohio and found they did little as he was in Indiana. I attempted reporting him to Indiana but they did not seem interested. He told me he had a clinic. He texted me and called constantly. He said his wife was a nutritionist. He lied about so much. He even showed up at my house insisting I come to Indiana and stay in some RV he had. I declined. He stayed over night at my home because it was so late, and then wanted to charge me for the time. I realized there was no clinic, and wanted my money returned. He refused and lied saying he had spent it on a mobile home for me and had paid help ahead. It was ludicrous. He then had an attorney threaten me with intimidating letters. Gene Miller is a conman and should be in jail.

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