“Loren hasn’t become a better person, just better at the crime.”

The following was submitted by Sandy Caruso:

The following is my story of the events that happened regarding Loren E Miller.

Frankly I had not thought of Loren Miller or his wife and co-partner in crime Floy Wolff Miller for a couple of years. I been having too much fun with my grandchildren, ranch and horses to think about him. Besides I really thought he may have learned his lesson, been incarcerated again or perhaps he had swindled the wrong person and wound up at the bottom of a river with cement shoes. But the world is not that lucky. My feelings echo those that have been posted on this website. I also believe….Loren and his wife are the destroyers of families. And what anyone can do to them on earth will pale in comparison to what the Lord will do to them in the hereafter.

It seems Miller continues his wave of destruction. There are but a few months that pass until I’ll receive a call from a new victim of Loren Miller. The location may be different, the amount of money different , and the names different but the outcome is always the same. Miller gets the money and the victim is left holding the proverbial empty bag. As we use to call it in the health business…’same candy bar, different wrapper.’

When I met Loren, my family and I had a thriving horse training/arena business with gross income well over $200,000 per year. I answered an ad for an accountant that he had placed in the local newspaper. We owned a public training stable at an indoor arena with 70+head of horses in training, 4 full-time horse trainers and 96 head of prime feeder cattle. We were working 16 hour days and needed someone to help collect the stall rents and order hay, shavings, and schedule stall help.

My husband was training and I produced several events including team pennings, UCHA and CUCHA sanctioned cutting horse shows, open horse shows, dog shows, ropings, rodeos and 4-H club horse events including the championship team penning at the world renown Days of 47 Rodeo. I also bred and showed TOP TEN champion Rottweiler dogs. I am a Hall of Fame, Best in Show, and Best in Specialty Show breeder.

We also owned 7 prime acres and an 1800 sq ft home in southwest Salt Lake valley complete with a small outdoor arena, 12 stall mare motel, round pen, 2 stall stallion barn, several paddocks, 2 pickup trucks (one brand new), a new 8-horse goose-neck trailer, and a Ford aerostar van. Everything was paid for except for a mortgage of $59,000 on the home and property. At the time a conservative value of this property was about $450,000 to $500,000.

I only bring these details up as I have learned Loren has told everyone I was in deep financial trouble and he had to ‘save’ me.

I was just TIRED and needed some help running the business. My whole family was tired but we were by no means in financial trouble. At least at that time.

I was in a terrible accident, had surgery and spent several days in the hospital and months at home recuperating. It was at this time Loren commenced his wave of destruction. Before it was all over, Loren had moved the trainers and their horses out of the arena and moved his own horses in. So not only was I not receiving income for the boarders I was feeding Loren’s collection of ‘nags’. Needless to say it didn’t take long for the business to suffer. I also found out later the stall rent Loren collected was put into his OWN arena account and converted to his own use. Basically I was lied to and stolen from at the same time.

Loren and Floy were living in a refrigerator unit with two dogs on the back of a one-ton truck at the time. They were parked in our back yard because they had lost their house to foreclosure. I remember they were destitute, having little or no money for food that we invited them to share our Thanksgiving dinner. Immediately after the big dinner, I remember Floy going to the kitchen window and while watching her two dogs just outside said, ” Miller, our dogs want to be with us.” And they left….no ‘thank you’, no kiss my ….; no offer of help with the huge mess of dishes, just left.

Here these two ungrateful ‘hoodlums’ had just eaten our food, were living at our house, using our utilities, running up our phone bill, and basically using OUR resources and unbeknownst to us had scammed us out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and Loren and Floy didn’t even have the basic decency to say “Thank You?”

Upon being forced to move from our home and our land Loren assured us the proceeds from the sale of our property was used to purchase a ranch in Marysvale, Utah. We were so bewildered as to the events of the preceding months everything had become a blur at that point as I continued to recoup from my surgery.

Everything we owned with the exception of a handful of horses and Rottweiler dogs was loaded in a 40ft semi trailer for transport as we moved to Marysvale. As we said our goodbyes to our home it was then that Loren graciously offered to take our payment of $740 for the trailer (6 months of rental) and pay them in person. This would come back to bite him later.

Little did we realize Loren had deliberately set out to destroy, to pilfer, and to plunder the results of our hard work. And in so doing he destroyed himself and Floy financially. This was all to come to light in the following few months.

After arriving in Marysvale my husband and son worked feverishly to fence “our” new ranch while I worked in Loren’s office as a secretarial assistant for the new mobile home refurbishing business and financial consulting business. At first I passed off the phone calls regarding accounts payable and customer complaints as a usual part of the business. Then it became apparent as these complaints grew Loren was not being entirely honest in his business dealings. There were definitely problems, but I kept quiet to see what was going on.

My suspicions were confirmed when I received a phone call from the trailer company where we had rented the semi-trailer. The company owner asked if I was the secretary to which I said, “Yes”. Then he asked me where the Caruso’s were going to ‘dump’ the semi-trailer; to which I asked him to elaborate. Then to my utter horror he stated, ” Loren left me a message and said the Caruso’s are going to dump my semi trailer somewhere in the desert where no one can find it. I want to come and get it before that happens. Besides I haven’t been paid.”

Remember earlier when Loren so graciously ‘offered’ to take our payment of $740 for 6 months rent and pay them in person? Well guess where that money went? Right in his pocket just like the stall rent money, Days of 47 Rodeo prize money, and the proceeds from our Herriman property.

I assured the trailer company owner that his semi trailer was not in danger and Loren had mistakenly called about the WRONG trailer. He was pacified for the next few days while we unloaded our stuff from the trailer into a garage and then I called him and asked if we could deliver the trailer to his yard.

Everything was starting to make sense now. I had been chewed out on the phone more times than I can remember. Loren hadn’t been paying for services OR products rendered and people were rightfully upset. I spoke to my husband and Randy Reidhead (he did all the work on the mobile homes) and disclosed the information I had found out then left Loren’s office never to return to work again.

Two days later, the three of us, (Joe, Randy, and myself) confronted Loren about our money, and his obvious deception. I remember my husband Joe stating very profoundly, “Loren, what have you done with all our money? If appears you have stolen it and converted it to your own use. That is malfeasance. We are quite capable of handling our own finances and want our money back.” Loren sat there in the office chair and squinted with his beady little eyes and said, ” You haven’t the discipline to handle money!”

Needless to say, I just about lost it. As I lunged forward to punch Loren in his lying mouth but before I could Joe and Randy each grabbed me by my arms and hauled me outside to the garage to cool down. I was livid. Not only had Loren defrauded us but now he proceeded to sarcastically deride us too? His pompous arrogance was and still is beyond belief. Loren Miller truly fits the definition of a ‘sociopath!’ And I thank the owner of this website for posting that definition for all to see. I may not be a clinical psychologist but I did have Dr Hollenbeck-Dial phone me at 11:30PM one night after a lengthy phone conversation with Loren. She warned me profusely labeling Loren as “narcissistic delusional!” She got it RIGHT!!!

My testimony regarding Loren and Floy Miller could go on for several more pages. As I stated in the beginning…’it is the same candy bar, different wrapper.” Loren hasn’t become a better person, just better at the crime.

The multitude of calls I receive every few months testify Loren is still up to his old habits. Victims just want to know WHAT to do. I tell them what I will tell you now….write a narrative, support it with documentation, receipts, taped phone calls, canceled checks, etc..Then take it to the local law enforcement or your state attorney general’s office. I have already done my part.

I remember when Michael Hines of the Utah Securities and Exchange Commission phoned me after reviewing our case. He said, “Mrs. Caruso, your case against Loren Miller has both credibility and validity, however we have two other cases we have to consider. Mr. Miller has offered to make FULL restitution and plead guilty to a felony for these two cases. For that reason only we have decided to drop your case against Miller and not proceed with prosecution. You and you family will have to go after him in civil court.”

When you sue someone like Loren, he has had enough experience to know he has nothing in his personal name, no real estate, no personal property, no stocks, no bonds, no retirement (he never worked consequently he has no retirement anyway). To sue Loren Miller would have been like trying to put our a forest fire with a straw and bottled water. It would be a futile endeavor. So, we decided not to waste our time or any more resources on this. Besides, we know HOW to work, so we could start over. The only thing Loren knows it how to steal some else’s hard work.

One more story before I close…and I debated about telling this one but I think it necessary to drive home the point of how heartless and cruel and the destroyer Loren Miller is.

On Mother’s Day 1999, I received a phone call from the University of Utah hospital. My eldest daughter was in intensive care having her stomach pumped and being treated for an automobile accident. She had apparently taken a whole bottle of prescription medication and wrapped her car around a tree. In short she had tried to commit suicide. It wasn’t until I arrived at the hospital and she told me why that I shuddered with both anger and fear.

She had been involved in a messy divorce after catching her husband in the very act of committing adultery with the babysitter.  After selling her house for a huge loss, Loren approached her about investing what little she had left in his mobile home refurbishing business and promised her a home for her and her three daughters in return. She consented, and waited for the mobile home.

Several months passed as her and her daughters stayed with relatives and friends. As happened with other victims, promises were made, money was paid, but Loren did not produce as agreed. With no place to move, and no mobile home, my daughter was living in her car. For weeks she cleaned up in rest rooms and ate wherever and whenever food was available. Several calls were made but Loren just gave more excuses. Soon Loren would no longer answer her calls. There was no mobile home and her money was gone.

She was too embarrassed to tell us she had given her money to Loren. To me…this was the last straw.

(Sound familiar? Read the testimony of Chris and Courtnee Justice, Mike Hurdsman and Olivia Shanabarger.)

Now….I want you to imagine this was YOUR daughter, or YOUR mother, or YOUR sister. Loren Miller is a destroyer.

To quote Dr Phil….”If you want to know what the future behavior will be, just look at past.” We are not talking about isolated incidents here. To quote Loren…”There is a thread of consistency.” Do you want to know what the future will be IF you deal with Loren? ….Look at his past.

You may be wondering why I still receive calls from perfect strangers complaining Loren has defrauded them? I’ll tell you why…Loren has told nearly everyone he knows about that Sandy Caruso. YUP, I’m the one. According to him I tried to destroy him and all he did was try to help me. Poppykock! I don’t let Loren take up any more of my brain space. I wrote my narrative, I contacted the authorities and those I knew were involved with Loren at the time. I have done my part.

If you are a current or past victim of Loren, do your part. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

As far as my testimony against Loren I will close this by saying

This is for you Loren…..
If you think for one minute I would waste my time planning or plotting to ‘destroy’ you don’t flatter yourself. What I could do to you will pale in comparison to what Almighty God will do to you in the hereafter. You are the ultimate coward.

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