2002 Alleged Victims List

The following is believed to be a partial listing from 2002 of victims of crimes alleged to have been committed around that time by Loren Miller:

[Originally submitted to:] Gary Peterson
Davis County Attorney’s Office
PO Box 618
Farmington, UT 84025

Re: Loren Eugene Miller

Additional Victims of Loren and Floy Miller:

Frank and Dorothy Tidwell

Chad and Chaundell Cook

Marvin Bermundez

R. Quin Denning

Max Buehler

Paul and Doreen Neuman

Larry and Kim Boswell

Keith and Naomi Gurr

Terry Ford

Jolene Cascia

Woody and Sherri Martin

Randy and Marian Reidhead

Michelle T. Murdock

Olivia Shanabarger

Mike Herdsman

Wayne Scott

Kevin Edwards

Joe and Sandy Caruso

Sherrie Bitton

Pearson Tires, Richfield, Utah

Larsen’s Ace Hardware, Richfield, Utah

Dave Stratton, Tack Shack, Richfield, Utah

Five Star Rental, Richfield, Utah

Ogden’s Carpets and Appliances, Richfield, Utah

PK Auto Repair, Draper, Utah

Nelson’s Diesel Service, Woods Cross, Utah

Bob Graham

Carl L. Oliver

Janet King

Gary Hatch

Mountain States Trailer Rental and Sales

Myron Hamilton

Ladd Huntsman

Terry Oil Company, Richfield, Utah

Gail Glazier

Gary Rink

Eben Bloomquist

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